the room

On the morning of July 20th after a night of partying and dancing still struggling to wake up and cling to the situational reality that we were both inevitably in….we decided to take some photos on a roll expired 35mm film( Kodak 800 Gold) This film was expired by at least 11 years. I had never seen Kodak 800 gold and I definitely wanted to try it out at this rare find of an airbnb that we were staying in on our mini vacation. I loaded up the film in my newly acquired Canon A1. a little story about this camera… I had no intention of getting another camera to pair with my Canon F1 but I had to get a wide angle lens and somehow the person that I was meeting via offerup had lost the original lens that I had initially asked about so he provided a new one along with the Canon A1 as a way of saying sorry for not being able to find the original one. The Canon A1 was is decent shape, still has the cringe squeak of the shutter that I am fixing soon, but the camera worked! That’s all that matters. In the airbnb there was a blue cycling helmet that matched the walls of the room we were staying in. I already had a vision that I wanted to photograph regarding the room/color/cycling helmet. so with all things aside this worked out perfectly. Here are the results of “the room” An idea filtered by isolation and being sheltered from a period of my childhood. 

Camera: Canon A1

Film: 35mm Kodak 800 Gold expired

Model: Alicia @uhleashuh

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