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hoop dreams

Over the years after high school I found myself trying to salvage the relationship that I had with my father. Dad wasn’t always around and when he was, there was one revolving life quote and a hard focus on sports, mainly basketball. Basketball was my first love and coincidentally my dad’s first love as well. It seemed as if basketball was the only thing we bonded over. In fact, I played all the sports I could play in adolescence but my dad only came to see the basketball games that I played in. After high school the love for basketball went away for me and a new joy of music, skateboarding, and partying came with this new college life and equally my relationship with my father faded as well. Before I picked up a camera I always noticed empty basketball courts, or basketball hoops not being used, broke, or abandoned. When I found myself at battle with my own thoughts I would find an empty court and just sit there and think. There was something meditative about these places for me that just sat deep within my soul. These precise and simple moments reminded me of the good in my dad and the manly love that he had for me as a working father trying his best to support his family.

These photos act as a visual staircase that coincides with the relationship between myself and my father. I aim to capture a landscape that was/is full of uncomplicated imagery, but decisively complex to the viewer after time is spent with the narrative and images or images alone amongst themselves

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