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current state...

Before the present-day pandemic I had an absolute idea of what I presumed my senior exhibition would look like, I also thought I had an absolute idea of what the rest of the year would present as well. Unfortunately for myself and the vast majority of the rest of the world our future visions were blacked out. Quarantine developed as a widespread practice, and most of us found ourselves alone or with a few others, at least I did. As days went by I started to question everything I cherished, worked hard for, and created. I adopted the use of a pocket notebook to jot ideas, thoughts, feelings, and images that I would seek to create. These images and excerpts from my notebook reflect loose dreams brought about by late nights and mornings, the tension and fortitude of a relationship, thoughts of freedom, self reflection, and the subtlety of hope. Sometimes things are special because they don’t last, and that is forever.

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