Onward Forward

Sometimes moving forward from something seemingly comfortable or enticingly beneficial takes pure guts no glory. My good friend Nilo is presently going forth with this process. My support is with her and this new progression forward. In life we find that we select a virtuous path that open itself up for success. For some people these paths become absolute avenues for success, but for others….they might need to redirect themselves. It takes a lot of confidence and wit to acknowledge a path that you were set out on to achieve a mark of greatness isn’t working to something that may be completely new or something with an outlook questionable. For the people i’ve encountered we want things to be equal and we want everyone to achieve what they feel that they desire,  but somehow in the real world this is not a realistic happening in life. Things are not fair, we are not all equal and aside from a very small number of people, the majority of us have to work for what we want to have success with. I firmly think what makes a good person is based on their ability to acknowledge actions and reactions in life and move forward accordingly with and open mind, heart, and the perseverance to become a better person mentally or physically. In these photos I really wanted to represent Nilo in a different way than I’ve photographed her before, I wanted these photos to reflect on her own improvement and maturity not only as a model but as a person….surprisingly this was our first time working together on film and I was amazed at the results. 

Model: Nilo

Camera(s): Canon Eos3, Mamiya 645

Film: ilford hp5 400, Kodak Portra 800

Using Format