Purple Payson

In late June some good friends of mine took a day trip to Northern Arizona and took some photos. We got together in the morning for coffee and stuffed my trunk with clothes and set for our trip. We stopped at a camping site in Payson and decided to take a breath of fresh air, pull out the Jonesy ( @jonesy_ny ) undies that my pal Lauren ( @lauren.isadora ) had, style them, smoke a joint, and take some photos. I recently made the full switch from digital to film and this was my first full roll of film back into the game #filmisnotdead I used Lomography Lomochrome Purple 35mm film on my new sidekick Pentax K1000 at ISO 400. I recently got the film back from the lab and scanned them. In this process i had to add some purple to the photos because it just wasn’t popping like I wanted it to. Right after we shot these we got pulled over for speeding(75 in a 45) oops. I hope these photos were worth the ticket I am about to pay!

Camera: Pentax K1000

35mm Film: Lomography Lomochrome Purple 100-400iso

Models: Alicia @uhleashuh

                Rhylan @rhylanclark 

Wardrobe Stylist: Lauren @lauren.isadora

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