monochrome method #1

Sometimes our lives catch us off guard in ways we could never imagine….I’m tempted to feel and profess that the majority of my life has tripped me up consistently, actually that influence of being caught off guard might be the only consistent thing in my life before i found photography. I’ve seemingly battled addiction along with the mental battles of unlikeliness amongst my life. I’ve probably been in every freak scenario that you can imagine. I’d like to think if i could ever find a person to tell my life story that it would be depicted as a academy award winning movie. Unfortunately very few people know my full story, but many know bits and pieces. I’ve made myself out to be a man of mystery for a very long time, but that doesn’t seem to do me any good. I’ve strangled the idea of being open to everyone and fully loving the life that i ironically still have given my history. I don’t strive to be rich, successful, or famous….that is probably opposing to most people in this life. I strive to live and be happy, it’s that simple. Maybe my story will come out when i find the right person to communicate with and i myself finds the right time to open my heart considerably. At the moment my heart is open to accept others pain and in return give love, comfort, ears, and a decent responding voice from my own trials and tribulations of life(goodandbad) I just simply want to hold you down…..not just only you, but everyone with intention of being great or doing good with a decent heart. Now i would be lying if i said that i want everyone to be successful and achieve their dreams and goals…..because i just do not. I don’t believe in everyone and i can not. I feel like anyone who says that is doing a disservice to themselves and the rest of the humans living and breathing amongst us. Maybe in Utopia we could do it all, but Earth is no such thing………you can fill the rest in.

The photos below were conceived by the inspiration of Emily Soto I had recently got back into film photography if you haven’t been following and sold my digital camera and all the lenses, and hopefully a year from now I can call myself a film photographer…period! Anyhow Emily has always made iconic timeless portraits on film and I wanted to try it out with someone who I think is timeless and quite the angel. Preetpal was that person…I’ve been wanting to photograph and meet her for quite some time. Her energy is soft and her mind is intentional, and I think that reflects in these photos. I had a horrible time trying to develop my 120 film this time because I couldn’t get the film in the reel….sad i know. The trials of developing your own film. I had only developed on other roll of 120 film before so it’s just a learning process that i will overcome. I ended up just shoving the film in the tank without the reel and agitated the film consistently in every stage……i had no clue if it would work or how the film would come out, but i love the results. I couldn’t be more happy with these and how they resemble real feelings and eternity. I hope you enjoy these as much as i do. 

Peace, Love, Waves. 

Camera(s): Mamiya 645, Canon A1

Film: Ilford Hp5 400 overexposed +.5

Model: Preetpal Gill

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