Morning Pages......

Morning pages, morning pages, morning pages…… Whoah, it’s taken me a week to post this and put out a point of vulnerability in thought without it being edited. Well, I guess I am initializing a little edit because I am typing this from pages that I’ve physically written these words on paper with an ink pen.

You might be asking yourself what are morning pages….Morning pages was a something coined greatly in Julia Cameron’s The Artists Way. It is a tool designed to inhibit growth, creativity, and discipline as an artist. Not focusing or restraining to any type of artist, nor any level of artist. Now what do you define as an artist?

The idea is to write 3 pages, longhand, freeform and truthfully. There is no direction here so nothing has to make any sense in these pages. They could be the same word in every different language or a sentence that loops for 3 pages in a row. 

Well, one morning while I was taking a 8 hour driving course I started my first line or morning pages. I’ll go ahead and spit them out below. Mind you I am not making any changes except for spelling or punctuation. 

After or before if you’ve got any questions please feel free to ask in person or through here :)

Start Morning Pages

Sometimes there seems to be a manner in which you must let everything loose, go against all values, goals, limits, and structure. This defines growth(does it not?) character and sense of self. Maybe I wouldn’t be here writing this if I had never been this way. Despite all my life the majority of it was spent in defilement against all odds, values, presets of good and bad given to me by my parents and society as a whole. My goals, dreams, and wishes. I always wanted to be successful but I also wanted to be BAD ASS. Someone who lived an almost unbelievable movie script life. Plot twists, dramatic climaxes, death, sex, robots, fun, partying, love, and birth. All the things in life, you know? I want life to be full, at least my story that is. Since we’re in the structure of life, I think navigating life in an unrefined way, not knowing what may come next, the constant moment and movement of not knowing is charming, compelling, and euphoric. 

The majority………..Now maybe I am wrong but it seems as if we are catching up to time or maybe that time is catching up to us. Nowadays I tend to have minimized the idea of braving out of the poorly constructed box that defines my existence with no concern of safety  branching out to rebel against values and way of responsible life while learning and living to respect the reality and beauty of simply being alive.

———Break———-( I actually wrote this in my morning pages)

~survival of the fittest~

I am definitely a strong proponent of only the best get success and hard-work should pay off in time not at the instant. I can’t stand these people who blowup over night without putting in any substantial work towards anything. Upon this idea, generally speaking not everyone will be successful and certainly everyone does not deserve success. Let is be blunt; if you do not put forth the effort then I think you should not be even allowed to succeed, let alone hold your rights to freedom. Why? Because you’re deeming yourself useless. A counterpart of life to exhaust natural resources and overly compact minds with nothingness. Now I’m very aware that it takes time to find yourself, involve your life in passion and move forward from there. I’m also aware the after Ione reaches the age or level of life that allows one to retire and enjoy the fruits of a life well lived in a world that seemingly grants individuals the immediate path to success without showing a sign of handwork. More over, people adfe given bundles of glory for  doing one thing right. Solely applauded and appraised for one good merit. Now life isn’t fair, of course I don’t live this nor do I relate, nor let in people who get good life handed to them like candy on halloween evening. It’s just something I believe and in a world of infinite beliefs so mine just flows among the rest and an urge sea of energy flowing from brain to brain amongst human thought. 

I am currently sitting in traffic school. A year and some months ago I ran a red light. Paid my ticket but didn’t pursue traffic school. So my license was suspended for the whole year of 2018 and I didn’t even know it. Not once have I been pulled over and truth be told I never even knew. By the grace of God, good luck, and the angel for my life. This seems to be a testament to my life as a whole. I very well should be dead by now, but I am still standing in prolific happiness. This could be looked at as great luck, but i’m beginning to understand the presence of God in my life and what that means to me in accordance with scriptures and writings along all religions sectors that hold God as the high power. It is very interesting how this is playing out in my life. The more I converse with people of the same likes the more I begin to understand and accept God.

——-Half Break——

Being in this traffic school class seems to make me more awake of these people that inherit the societies we live in. The constant clicking of pens, and anxious foot taps plague the classroom. The stench last night and bad body odor has stained my nose and seems very normal at this point. The constant shaking of the table feels normal and almost comforting.( i’m in a n 8 hour course) I absolutely hate all of this but it feels comforting the more time I spend here, or maybe it’s because i’m getting something out of this…..morning pages. 

The Photos.

I chose these photos because they were took the day before i started the morning pages and well, they mean something to me. Journey seems as if she’s already a star and here are some photos to prove that future.