The First Post

The First Post….

This is an anxious moment for me. Why, you might ask? Because I am embarking on something new with the way I work, and the way I present not only my work, but my ideas, along with any and everything else I see fit.. What is my work you may ask again? Well, it is everything that I will reveal here in my blog and on this website so I hope anyone that is paying attention here can enjoy. 

Let’s start with the beginning and I shall keep it reasonably short. 1986 was the year that birthed me so call me an 80s baby :) and I was raised in Kentucky of all places. Didn’t leave until i was in my early 20s. The only way I felt that I could get out the state comfortably was by joining the military, and I did just that. 6 years in the Navy as a Seabee and no looking back. I was surprisingly, stationed in San Diego California, where I discovered photography by accident. This tool into art quickly consumed my every thought, and after a few years of service to photography we stand here….still the passion remains.

Now that the info is over let’s get down to this year…..(I’m very sure that I will share more things, but for now, minimal.)

Currently, what in the world does adventure look like and how does that feel? I think as a mostly single father every turning point feels like a new start in a direction unkept and likely to be predicted uncertain. Well, maybe just a mostly single father that aspires to be somewhat of a working artist that can live within not only my own needs but alongside the loved ones that surround me now and in the future. So I guess you could say my plans for this year is to be and do everything for the better person of myself.  

Initially I was going to have a “Portraits” section on this website but I felt like that was fulfilling enough. I still just like the idea of letting people see a way into how I work while still maintaining somewhat of a subtle realization of what really is…. or is not. This shoot with Taylor was one of my firsts this year, and it was initiated by wanting to have Taylor the first on my portraits page. Well now there is no portraits page, haha!

I probably go thrifting  a couple of handfuls per month so when I met Taylor, I knew we had to shoot a few looks. So i literally just went in the closet and put some ideas together. Experimentation naturally is so favorable and for the most part I try to shoot portraits and some editorials planning the absolute least. I enjoy having a huge straight forward box to create in. I like for ideas, objects, subject, etc to come into vision naturally and flowing. Or I guess I could say I just have to vibe with it. 

So that kinda wraps it up for the blog post. Hope I didn’t bore you but maybe inspired an idea or a question, or a memory, or a laugh, or some kind of feeling that we can roll with.