Frequently Asked Questions


What do you use to edit your photos?

Desktop/Laptop= Capture One, Lightroom, Photoshop

Iphone= Snapseed, RNI Films, Square Fit, Over, ColorStory, Mextures

It might seem counterproductive but my process starts with bringing the photos straight from the camera into Capture One where I then add a different ICC profile and make my base changes(shadow,grain,highlights,contrast) Then I make first selections on which photos have potential to be final selects and save those files into tiff files and bring them into Lightroom where i furthermore adjust the contrast, shadows, clarity, and vibrance. After this i make final selections and star them to edit in photoshop. Photoshop is where the real magic happens. All color correction, and color editing is done here. The images really begin to come to life just how I've perceived them. I do all the retouching here because there is nothing(to me) as precise as photoshop.


What camera/lenses do you use?

Digital: Fujifilm X-T2, w/ Fujinon 23mm f2 WR,  Fujinon 35mm f1.4, Fujinon 50mm f2 WR

Film: Mamiya 645 w/ Mamiya Sekor C 80mm f2.8, Mamiya Sekor C 150mm f3.5

Pentax K1000 w/ Sears 50mm f1.7

Yes I use an APS-C sensor for all my professional work. The quality is still superb. 


How do you find models to work with?

When i first started photographing people as subjects i started with model mayhem(works for some/not for me) That phase didn't last very long, but i did make a couple of lasting connections there. Instagram quickly took the forefront and allowed me to freely search for models that i had interest in working with and i just simply got in the dms. After practice and trial and error as one makes while learning(I still make many mistakes) i built up my courage to email every modeling agency i could find and most of them turned me down at first, but a few took their chances with me. I tested and experimented with so many ideas(i still do this today) and some agencies really liked my work while others weren't entirely sure of it(still the case today) Currently i find most of my models searching through agency boards and every now and then i'll stumble on someone of great interest through instagram, but that doesn't happen frequently. I also make model calls over instagram and by word of mouth i am able to work with new people as well. 


Where do you find locations?

I simply roam the city or whatever area i am in. I think Helmut Newton said that a good photographer can find a location for any idea or concept within 5 miles from where they are. I truly believe that quite often put that idea into play when working on my own shoots.